The young stars of Avatar: The Way of Water immerse themselves in IMAX 3D at Cineworld Leicester Square

Avatar: The Way of Water is returning to Cineworld as part of Cineworld IMAX Film Fest on April 22nd. Tickets are just £3 (€3 at Cineworld Dublin) so prepare to be overwhelmed all over again.

Director James Cameron pushes the boundaries like never before in the blockbusting Avatar sequel, deploying visually gorgeous motion capture effects to engulf viewers in the majesty of the planet Pandora.

It also introduces the likes of Jamie Flatters as Jake and Neytiri's son Lo'ak, and Jack Champion as the human-raised-by-Na'vi-kid Spider, to advance the Avatar mythology into the next generation.

Last year, the talented youngsters and their co-stars were invited to immerse themselves in a special IMAX 3D presentation of Avatar: The Way of Water at Cineworld Leicester Square.

Discover their awed reactions in the following video and discover why you need to return to Pandora in the IMAX 3D format.

Centrally, much of the movie takes place beneath Pandora's oceans amidst the reefs and marine life that distinguishes the Metkayina tribe. The rich plethora of images, sights and sounds crafts a tangible sense of wonder as the movie's characters bond with their new aquatic environment.

It's not just a movie but a feast for the senses, one that's heightened by the movie's dynamic presentation in IMAX 3D. The hidden corners of Pandora achieve stunning clarity, courtesy of the IMAX remastering process that ensures Cameron's bold vision gleams and glistens in every frame.

Dual projection and fully integrated sound imbue further warmth and emphasis into the latest chapter of the Avatar saga.

When the IMAX principle is combined with that of 3D, one can practically reach out and touch Cameron's imaginative creations, as you're invited to step inside the movie's world like never before.

With the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest happening on April 22nd, there's never been a better time to rediscover Avatar: The Way of Water.