Steve Coogan and Philippa Langley talk The Lost King in our Cineworld interview

The newly released comedy-drama The Lost King details the remarkable true story of the search for Richard III's gravesite.

Director Stephen Frears and writer Steve Coogan, who collaborated to Oscar-nominated effect on the powerfully moving Philomena, present a quietly irresistible story of fortitude and resolve.

Sally Hawkins portrays amateur historian Philippa Langley who leads the charge to discover Richard's final resting place. Along the way, she confronts the legacy of one of the UK's most controversial monarchs, and also finds herself visited by the spectre of the late king himself (played by Harry Lloyd).

Go behind the scenes with the great Steve Coogan and the real Philippa Langley in our Cineworld interview. They chat about the challenges of translating an extraordinary historical find into an audience-friendly screenplay, and what it meant to bring Philippa's story to the screen.


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