Strange World: Disney unveils first trailer for their wondrous family adventure

Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal is a father on a mission in Disney's inspiring and splendid-looking family adventure Strange World.

Clearly deriving influence from sci-fi masters such as Jules Verne, the movie sends a fractious family on a far flung mission beyond our solar system. Gyllenhaal plays the dad called Searcher Clade who is haunted by the memory of his own absentee parent, who vanished on a similar mission many years ago.

Steered by the makers of Big Hero 6, this looks as visually sumptuous as one would expect from the Walt Disney Animation stable. The team has recently brought us the eye-popping likes of Raya and the Last Dragon, and this looks to be in the same mold, lacing emotional insights with bracing set-pieces.

The top vocal cast also includes Dennis Quaid's long-absent pops Jaeger, who re-appears in the midst of the family's expedition. Lucy Liu voices the leader of the quest, Callisto Mal, and Gabrielle Union voices Searcher's wife Meridian.

Want to take a remarkable journey into the unknown populated with strange and wonderful creatures? Then check out the trailer for Strange World. The movie is released in Cineworld on November 23.