Superscreen becomes SuperSCREAM with this month's release of Scream VI

Of all the movie genres, horrors are among the best to experience on the big screen. Not only will you be thrillingly overwhelmed by the terror, but you can also share in the giddy experience with your fellow filmgoers. And this month, we've got a doozy of a chiller for you: Scream VI.

The terrifying Ghostface killer gets another stab at fame in the latest chapter of the classic meta-slasher franchise. In the wake of Scream V, surviving siblings Sam and Tara Carpenter (Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega) have fled to New York to begin a new life. However, a copycat Ghostface has followed them and is planning the bloodiest, most audacious rampage so far.

The return of Scream is evidently a huge event and we want you to experience the movie in the boldest, most memorably blood-curdling way possible.

This March, Superscreen becomes Superscream. Expect wall-to-wall eye-widening terror and crystal clear carnage that you can't possibly tear your eyes away from, as the razor-sharp definition, massive screens and breathtaking multidimensional sound make Ghostface's latest onslaught all the more palpable. Find out more in the following video.

Superscreen uses state-of-the-art projection to make this a Scream like nothing you've ever seen before. From fraught footsteps to every metallic slash of the knife, it's everything you demand from a big-screen horror experience and more.

Are you brave enough to continue? Then click here to book your Superscream tickets for Scream VI. The movie opens at Cineworld on March 10th and is preceded by our Scream double-bill starting March 8th.