Tangled: 10 fun facts to celebrate its 10th anniversary

Find your spot in a tall tower and sing your heart out, because Disney's Tangled is 10 years old today.

Yes, it's been one whole decade since the charming and hilarious Rapunzel movie was released in the USA. Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi are delightful as mismatched duo Rapunzel and Flynn Rider, although the show is clearly stolen by the latter's horse Maximus.

To celebrate this special anniversary, we've compiled a Cineworld blog list of facts about the movie. Scroll down and discover what they are.


1. Budgeted at $260 million, Tangled is the most expensive animated movie to date.

2. Mandy Moore says that, in being cast as Rapunzel, she fulfilled a life-long dream to become a Disney princess.

3. Tangled was initially pitched (in 2003) as a more irreverent take on the Rapunzel myth in the manner of Shrek, and titled 'Rapunzel Unbraided'.

4. In fact, Disney had been circling a Rapunzel story since 1937, but it gave way when Snow White was put into production.

5. Initial ideas suggested a crossover between the city of San Francisco and the fairy tale world.

6. Although rendered in cutting-edge CGI, Tangled's look was designed to ape the fluidity and aesthetic of classic hand-drawn Disney movies like Snow White.

7. Rapunzel's hair is, of course, the key to Tangled's storyline, but it took six years of development to build technology that would render her hair effectively.

8. To better capture Flynn's handsomeness, Disney held a 'Hot Man Meeting' in which a group of women described what they find attractive.

9. Alan Menken's song 'You Are My Forever' was originally sung by Disney villain Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy) to Rapunzel.

10. Tangled was Disney's 50th animated movie and also its first full-length CGI fairy tale.


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