Tenet: check out these new images from Christopher Nolan's movie

A batch of arresting new Tenet images have erupted online, teasing the scale of Christopher Nolan's latest. John David Washington and Robert Pattinson lead the cast of this cryptic blockbuster, which revolves around a diabolical global threat and the prospect of "time inversion".

Nolan hopes that Tenet will be the saviour of the 2020 summer season. The $205 million-budgeted movie plays out on a vast scale across multiple continents, and has been shot with IMAX cameras for added immersion.

The starry supporting cast also includes Kenneth Branagh, playing a mysterious "Russian national", Elizabeth Debicki and Michael Caine. Branagh and Debicki can be spotted in the following images, but the one that grabs us is the exploding building.

Is that the BFI Southbank in the background? And is that credited cast member Aaron Taylor-Johnson running away in the foreground? No details have been given on his character yet, so we remain on tenterhooks.




Tenet is scheduled for release on 26th August.