The Beekeeper generates buzz at our Unlimited screening

Do you like Jason Statham? Do you like bees? Then you'll love The Beekeeper, where the UK's biggest action star plays an apiary assassin with a particular set of skills. The movie previewed last night for Unlimited members and their reactions should incentivise you to seek out the latest blast of Statham mayhem.

Statham plays Adam Clay, a former member of a fraternity of killers known as the 'Beekeepers'. Clay has now gone to ground as an actual beekeeper but is soon forced to tap into his old skills when a close friend and neighbour dies. Expect head-crunching action and a supporting cast including Josh Hutcherson, Jeremy Irons and Minnie Driver.

Truthfully, who could resist The Stath mixing zen-like beekeeping with the on-screen kills for which he's renowned? Here are some of the responses from the Unlimited screening.


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