The Color Purple interview: Taraji P. Henson reveals her surprise at being asked to sing

Just imagine being cast in a rousing new musical, based on a successful Broadway production no less, and not realising you're required to sing. That's what Taraji P. Henson tells us in our behind-the-scenes interview for The Color Purple. She spills the beans on a spoken word section of the script that suddenly became something very different entirely.

Discover how the talented Taraji got around this little blip and into the vibrant spirit of the movie in the following clip.

The Color Purple adapts Alice Walker's seminal Pulitzer Prize-winning novel as an all-singing, all-dancing musical. The powerful story, which was already adapted for Steven Spielberg's 1985 movie, tells the story of the meek, abused African-American woman Celie and her journey to liberation following a traumatic childhood separation from her sister.

Spielberg executive produces and collaborates with powerhouse talents Oprah Winfrey and Quincy Jones, who variously starred in and composed the earlier movie. The cast is led by Fantasia Barrino as Celie, Oscar nominee Danielle Brooks as Sofia and Henson as blues singer Shug Avery who awakens Celie to powerful new feelings.

Watch the full interview in the clip below to find out more about Henson's role in the movie, which she describes as "destiny-fulfilling", and why the legacy of Walker's story is now more resonant than ever.


The Color Purple is on release at Cineworld from January 26th, so click the link below to book your tickets.


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