The Marvels: cast, release date and latest trailer for Marvel's latest movie

Phase Five of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) continues apace with this November's release of The Marvels. It's been a while since the last MCU movie (that was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 back in May), so no doubt comic book fans are hungry for the latest instalment of character-led action.

From the story to the cast, the release date to the wider MCU context here's what you need to know about The Marvels before it's released on November 10th.


What is the story of The Marvels?

The Marvels picks up with Marvel superhero Captain Marvel. In her 2019 origin film, Kree warrior Captain Marvel re-connected with her past human life as Air Force pilot Carol Danvers. In the process, she discovered she had been fighting for the wrong side and that her supposed enemies, the Skrulls, were actually the sympathetic party.

In The Marvels, Captain Marvel finds herself body-swapping with superhero teenager Kamala Khan/Ms Marvel, and Monica Rambeau. Ms Marvel has the ability to create cosmic energy via her magical bracelet and idolises Captain Marvel. Monica is the daughter of Carol's old Air Force friend Maria Rambeau and is now working as an astronaut alongside Captain Marvel's old ally Nick Fury. 

Together, this super-powered trio must fight the Kree revolutionary Dar-Benn who possesses abilities similar to that of Kamala and wants to restore her people to justice. War is coming to the galaxy and only The Marvels can stop it.

The Marvels movie poster


Who stars in The Marvels?

Brie Larson returns as Captain Marvel and the movie showcases the big-screen debut of Iman Vellani as Ms Marvel. Monica Rambeau is portrayed by Teyonah Parris and Samuel L. Jackson once again dons the eyepatch to portray Nick Fury.

British actor Zawe Ashton portrays the villainous Dar-Benn. South Korean performer Park Seo-joon rounds out the main cast as Prince Yan, prince of Aladna. Zenobia Shroff, Mohan Kapur, and Saagar Shaikh reprise their respective roles from the Ms Marvel series as Khan's mother Muneeba, father Yusuf, and older brother Aamir.


Who is directing The Marvels?

The Marvels is directed by Nia DaCosta who scored a critical hit in 2021 with her rebooted take on the classic horror Candyman.

“The biggest challenge was finding the balance between my point of view as a director and as a comic book nerd,” DaCosta told Entertainment Weekly. “Obviously, there are changes between the comics and the movies, and sometimes I’m like, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa!’ Sometimes Kevin [Feige] would be like, ‘You’re being too much of a nerd. Please stop.'”


Where does The Marvels sit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

As mentioned, The Marvels is a continuation of the mythology that was set down in Captain Marvel. It also comes on the heels of the Ms. Marvel series. However, questions are being raised as to whether it takes place after the Nick Fury-centric series Secret Invasion.

In an interview with Empire, Jackson all but confirmed that The Marvels and Secret Invasion are connected. It seems that Secret Invasion comes first and The Marvels follows on after it, although this is yet to be officially confirmed.


When is The Marvels released at Cineworld?

The Marvels is released on November 10th.


What is the next Marvel Cinematic Universe movie?

Following The Marvels, we can expect to see the next Phase Five chapter, Captain America: Brave New World, in July 2024. Originally, it was going to be Deadpool 3 starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, but this has been removed from the film schedule owing to the ongoing actor's strike.


Where can we watch the latest trailer for The Marvels?

Watch the latest trailer for The Marvels below.

Where can we book Cineworld tickets for The Marvels?