Level up with The Super Mario Bros Movie in IMAX, 4DX, Superscreen and ViP

There's no playing around when it comes to watching The Super Mario Bros Movie at Cineworld. The all-action video-game adventure is presented in a host of exhilarating big-screen formats, from IMAX to ViP. The big question is, which format will you choose? Scroll down to make your selection.


1. Explore greater dimensions of the Mushroom Kingdom in IMAX

The IMAX format goes above and beyond your traditional widescreen presentation. The expanded aspect ratio (1.90:1 versus anamorphic widescreen's 2.39:1) invests more incredible expanse, warmth and depth into Super Mario's colourful and vibrant landscapes, from the Mushroom Kingdom to Bowser's world and beyond. 

The scale and spectacle of IMAX are further enhanced by a pin-sharp remastering process and dual projection, which combined with perfectly tuned and integrated surround sound brings the world of Mario to life like nothing else.



2. Hit the Rainbow Road in 4DX

Remember those competitive team sessions on Mario Kart? How would you like to feel the impact of the frenetic Rainbow Road level from your very own Cineworld seat? Multisensory 4DX is unique to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland, utilising high-tech motion programming that commands your seat to respond to every bump, twist, turn and jolt during the movie's pivotal Rainbow Road sequence.

It's your chance to be a part of the Super Mario action as the motion-assisted seats work in tandem with stimulating effects including water, wind, scent and strobe lighting, all of which are timed to enhance what’s happening on screen. 



3. Turn your Mario experience into a masterpiece in Superscreen

With Superscreen, breathtaking multidimensional sound, powered by epic Dolby Atmos speakers, combines with state-of-the-art projection on our huge screens. Ensure that every second you spend with Mario and the gang is as memorable and spectacular as it can possibly be.



4. Feel as pampered as Princess Peach in ViP

Everybody has the right to feel like a princess once in a while, right? Take advantage of complimentary dining and access to our exclusive lounge 45 minutes prior to the start of the movie. Indulge in unlimited snacks and drinks and recline in our luxury seats as the movie plays out in front of you.



How will you choose to experience The Super Mario Bros Movie at Cineworld?