Ticket to Paradise interviews: Kaitlyn Dever and director Ol Parker talk to Cineworld

Are you looking for a one-way ticket to rom-com heaven? Then Ticket to Paradise at Cineworld is your answer.

Former Ocean's 11 sparring partners George Clooney and Julia Roberts are here to resurrect the romantic comedy. They play warring ex-partners who are on a Bali-bound mission to disrupt their daughter's new-found wedding plans. Of course, it's not going to be easy, and there's always the promise of reconciliation along the way.

We were delighted to catch up with the film's star Kaitlyn Dever (of scene-stealing Booksmart fame), and director Ol Parker (who scored a hit with the Mamma Mia! sequel), to talk about everything comedy and chemistry. Scroll down and check out our behind-the-scenes chats that give an indication of the film's irresistible appeal.


Jet set with George, Julia, Kaitlyn and the gang. Click here to book your tickets for Ticket for Paradise, on release now at Cineworld cinemas.