Unlimited members post their reactions to Olivia Colman's new film Wicked Little Letters

Olivia Colman curses up a blue streak in her superbly sweary new film Wicked Little Letters. The Oscar-winning actress plays an uptight conservative wife whose discovery of scandalous pen letters soon circulates within her prim seaside community.

Before long, the jaded locals start to suspect Jessie Buckley's Irish immigrant mother whose outspoken attitude has already made her a figure of suspicion. But that's only the start of the madness in this wild black comedy that offsets ribald language against early-20th-century social conventions to memorable effect. Even better, it's based on an outrageous true story.

Timothy Spall, Anjana Vasan, Malachi Kirby and Joanna Scanlan round out the excellent cast of Thea Sharrock's movie, and Unlimited members were treated to an advance screening. If that's got you feeling a little bit jealous then be sure to sign up to Unlimited today, but not before reading the reactions to Wicked Little Letters. The writing's on the wall: Unlimited officially loves Olivia Colman's latest.


If you missed the screening, then there's no need to curse. Wicked Little Letters is on release at Cineworld from February 23rd and you can book your tickets via the link below.


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