Catch the Unlimited screening of The Blackening this August

Outdated racial stereotypes get a wickedly funny skewering in the upcoming horror-comedy The Blackening. It's a satirical slasher that asks the question, why do characters of colour always seem to die first in horror movies? Be among the first to watch the movie during our Unlimited preview screening this August.

Director Tim Story, of Ride Along fame, coaches an eye-catching cast in this story of murder most foul. When a group of African American pals gets together for a stay in a woodland cabin to celebrate Juneteenth, it almost begs the question: what could possibly go wrong?

The answer is, pretty much everything after a serial killer is discovered lurking in their midst. But these genre-savvy know-it-alls are perfectly capable of subverting the age-old conceit that it's always the black people who are victimised first, leading to a sharp and witty takedown of hoary horror conventions.


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