Exclusive interview: Riz Ahmed talks Venom villain Riot

What does it take to go up against Tom Hardy on the big screen? We decided to find out from actor Riz Ahmed, who stars in this week's anti-superhero movie Venom.

The film is based on the enduringly popular comic book character Venom, who arises when an alien symbiote fuses with journalist Eddie Brock (played by Hardy). However, the rampaging Venom, fond of the odd tasty human snack and possessed of a dark sense of humour, isn't the deadliest creature on the block. That accolade belongs to the insane Riot, a fusion of symbiote and mad industrialist Carlton Drake (Ahmed).

The stage is set for an epic showdown, so to get you ready for the film, check out our exclusive behind the scenes interview, in which Ahmed discusses his inspiration for the role, what he puts on his nachos and lots more.

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