Watch influencers become part of Cineworld's 4DX world as we celebrate The Little Mermaid

Feel the crash of the ocean waves and the ripple of the underwater currents with Disney's The Little Mermaid in 4DX. The all-star live-action remake casts Halle Bailey as the iconic Ariel and 4DX emboldens the movie's environment with a host of multisensory effects.

Motion-programmed seats work in tandem with water, wind and scent effects to bring Ariel's majestic underwater kingdom to life. Feel like you're floating along with Ariel and her friends and absorb the seat-shaking impact of her confrontation with the scheming sea witch Ursula (Melissa McCarthy).

We invited a select crowd to become part of our world during a special 4DX screening of The Little Mermaid. Cineworld staff members regaled and delighted visitors with costumes, props and a sing-along as the audience prepared to head under the sea. Watch the video highlights below and discover how they were carried along on a wave of 4DX movie magic.


The Little Mermaid is on release now at Cineworld so click the link below to get your tickets.