Collect your Wish cup and toppers at Cineworld

Many decades ago, Disney invited you to wish upon a star in the classic Pinocchio. In 2023, the animation geniuses turn a star into an adorable, living, breathing character in Wish, which comes from the makers of the blockbusting Frozen.

Oscar winner Ariana DeBose voices Asha who lives in the enchanted kingdom of Rosas. The inhabitants of the kingdom send their wishes to the ruler, King Magnifico (Chris Pine). And when Asha meets a living creature named Star, she realises that she must save Rosas from a nefarious plot.

The movie is a gorgeous-looking blend of traditional 2D animation and cutting-edge CGI. It's poised to be this winter's most magical family experiences, and we're celebrating with our special Wish-themed cups and toppers. Here's what you need to know.

How many cups and toppers are available to collect?

You can choose from one delightful cup and three toppers that showcase the movie's characters Asha, Star and Billy Goat Valentino (voiced in the movie by Alan Tudyk). Collect them all and you'll have everything you need to wish upon a star. 

Where can we purchase our Wish cups and toppers?

Wish cups and toppers are now available from all Cineworld cinemas whilst stocks last.

How much are the cups and toppers?

Cups and toppers are priced at £7, or £6 when you buy it with a ‘2 for’ combo, Munchbox or Family Special.

Where can we book our tickets for Wish?

Click the link below to book your tickets for Wish. It's released at Cineworld on November 22nd.