65 new trailer: Adam Driver confronts dinosaurs

You know what's scarier than a dinosaur? An entire planet that's populated with them. That's the threat facing Adam Driver's astronaut in the upcoming popcorn thriller 65

The team behind A Quiet Place looks set to deliver another audience-pleasing blend of suspense and action in time for the early spring season. Oscar nominee Driver plays Mills, a man who crashes out of space orbit onto a densely vegetated planet that, he soon realises, is the Earth of 65 million years ago.

With that comes a level of associated danger, primarily from marauding dinos that want to make him a snack. His only form of contact is a mysterious young girl named Koa (played by Avengers: Infinity War's Ariana Greenblatt). Together, they must learn to escape the planet alive.

Fuse Planet of the Apes with a dab of Jurassic Park, throwing in the versatile Driver's star power for good measure, and you have 65. As mentioned, it comes from Scott Beck and Bryan Mills who have graduated from producers on the chilling A Quiet Place movies to full-time writer-producer-directors here.

Also in the background: horror supremo Sam Raimi who produces and knows a thing or two about terrifying the pants off an audience. 65's credentials are therefore more than good enough to lock in a wild, suspenseful ride. 

Check out the new trailer and get in line for 65 when it arrives at Cineworld on March 17th.

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