Alan Partridge guest edits Cineworld Magazine

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is due in Cineworld very soon. And recently, we teased you lucky, lucky people on the blog with a taster of Alan's stint as guest editor on the August issue of Cineworld Magazine.

What do you think of the cover? Does it befit North Norfolk Digital's finest DJ? Well, here's another little snippet of what's to come. A nice thick slice of 'Alan's favourite film'. Enjoy!

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is released on 7 August.

Look out for Cineworld Magazine in your local cinema from 27 July and on our award-winning iPad app from 1 August.

My fave film

It’s a good question and I‘m glad you’ve asked it.

My favourite film was one I saw a few years ago. It was about a man who was new in town. He was good-looking but hardly said anything. I suppose you’d call him mysterious. There was some kind of problem or issue that was causing people concern and he helped them to do it in some way, either by fighting or organizing something.

I can’t remember the precise details of what happened, or who was in it, or what it was called, but if you track it down, you should watch it because it’s really rather good.

And what a day at the cinema. Instead of raiding the Pick n Mix, I just took a duffel bag stuffed with my own snacks – jam butties, meat, homemade lollies etc – and enjoyed a decent picnic at a fraction of the price.