Spiceworld! Alan Partridge guest edits Cineworld Magazine

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa hits Cineworld screens very soon. And here's some news that we're sure will delight fans, from 'The Wales of the East' (i.e. Norfolk) to beyond.

In a first for Cineworld magazine, we're delighted to welcome a guest-editor - Mr Partridge himself! Alan is guest-editing our August issue of the print magazine and iPad. Make that award-winning iPad - after all, Alan is a stickler for detail.

And here's a little preview treat for you - a snippet of the hilarious 'Alan on Alan' interview that Alan himself has conducted for the magazine.

The August issue of the magazine arrives in your local Cineworld on 27 July and on our award-winning iPad app from 1 August.

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is released on 7 August. Post a comment below if this has got you excited for the film.

Jurassic Park!

Are you promoting this film in any innovative ways?

At the moment my main idea is to lease a small fleet of cars, strap a giant inflatable Alan Partridge to the roof racks of each one and send them out around the ring roads in the UK.

I feel it’s a really strong concept. I saw a prototype of the inflatable the other day and – if I’m honest – it looked more like Clare Balding than it did Alan Partridge.

But she’s a fine-looking woman and if an eight-foot likeness of her draws people to see the film, then as far as I’m concerned it’s all gravy.

Do you still pitch TV show ideas?

Not really. I still have killer ideas. They mainly come to me when I’m singing in the bath. Yesterday I came up with Britain’s Biggest Cobbler, for example (there are some huge ones in Norfolk, real big lads).

But I don’t pitch them any more. The audiences just aren’t there. Everyone’s got six hundred channels to choose from. Not to mention catch-up TV. No mate, TV’s dead.

Digital radio, on the other hand, now that’s an exciting place to be. Anyone in the world with an internet connection can tune in to my weekday morning show on North Norfolk Digital. For all I know I could have a dedicated fan base in China. Indeed if this Cineworld blog has reached any of you, Ni hao.