Bill And Ted Face The Music: A helpful reminder of the characters

Finally, after a 29-year wait, everyone’s favourite knuckle-headed, air-guitar-wielding, time-travelling heroes are back on our screens in Dean Parisot's Bill & Ted Face The Music (arriving at Cineworld cinemas on Wednesday 16th September). Having previously saved their history grades in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and themselves from death in Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, the Wyld Stallyns are now tasked with writing a song that'll save the universe.

Given that it’s been such a long time since the last film, we’re jumping into our own time-travelling phone booth to reintroduce you to the characters who are back for more comedy and adventures with, like, a totally deeper meaning, dude.


1. William S. ‘Bill’ Preston, Esq.

Played by Alex Winter, Bill is the curly blond lead guitarist and vocalist with the Wyld Stallyns. In the third film, he still lives in San Dimas, California, with his best friend Ted. What Bill lacks in intellect, he more than makes up for in sheer enthusiasm and lovable charm, and he's capable of changing the world through his music and universal message of being excellent to each other.



2. Theodore ‘Ted’ Logan

Portrayed by Keanu Reeves, Ted is the dark-haired lead guitarist… basically he’s exactly the same as Bill, which explains why they’ve remained such inseparable friends for their entire lives. Ted's midlife troubles aren’t radically different from the ones he experienced in his teenage years, with his overbearing military father Captain Jonathan Logan still present and correct.



3. The Princesses

Rescued from a medieval English castle in Excellent Adventure and brought several centuries into the future to be the girlfriends of Bill & Ted, Joanna Preston (Jayma Mays) and Elizabeth Logan (Erinn Hayes) are now married to our heroes. Clearly, a few decades of being betrothed to the two layabouts has tested their patience, and Face The Music finds them in a less than regal mood with their husbands, proving that every rose does have its thorn.



4. Rufus

Who could forget Bill and Ted’s guardian angel, who comes from the future to set the pair on their time-travelling path? Sadly, due to the passing of actor/comedian George Carlin in 2008, Rufus doesn't feature this time around. However, his daughter Kelly, played by Kristen Schaal, takes his place, guiding the two buddies on their latest quest.





5. Death

If you haven’t seen Bogus Journey, you might've guessed from the title that things don't go swimmingly for our heroes, who end up in the afterlife in the sinister presence of William Sadler’s Death. Thankfully, the pair manage to come back to life after defeating the Grim Reaper in a series of contests – namely Battleship and Twister. Death comes along for the ride, though, and is back for the third instalment, air guitar in tow.  



6. Bille and Thea

Despite being referred to as Little Bill and Little Ted at the end of Bogus Journey, the heroes’ children actually grow up to become Theadora ‘Thea’ Preston and Wilhelmina ‘Billie’ Logan. Played by Samara Weaving and Brigette Lundy-Paine respectively, the daughters are now all grown-up and hope to help their struggling fathers write the song that'll save the universe.



7. The Leaders

The Leaders are a council of elders from a utopian 27th-century society that's based on the powerful music of Bill & Ted’s Wyld Stallyns. Like a benevolent Skynet, the council are the ones who send Rufus back in Excellent Adventure to help the friends stay together for the good of humanity, and they intervene again in Face The Music to ensure that everyone in the future remains excellent to each other. This time around, the Great Leader is played by Holland Taylor.





Bill & Ted Face The Music will be showing at Cineworld from 16th September. To book your tickets, click here. Got a favourite Bill & Ted character? Let us know by leaving us a comment on Twitter.