Black Adam interviews: Pierce Brosnan talks 4DX and more with Cineworld

DC anti-hero Black Adam may be able to level an entire city in seconds. But can he command the power of 4DX

Luckily, we at Cineworld have that ability, and we presented it to Black Adam star Pierce Brosnan during our behind-the-scenes interview.

The delightful Pierce talks his impressions of 4DX, including his view on the moving seats, scents and wind that invest greater power into the new DC blockbuster.

The ex-James Bond also discussed his character, the all-seeing Doctor Fate who, as a member of the Justice Society of America (JSA), is pitted against Dwayne Johnson's fearsome title character.

Pierce's co-stars Quintessa Swindell (who portrays JSA member Cyclone) and Sarah Shahi (who portrays brave resistance fighter Adrianna Tomaz) also stopped by for a chat.

Scroll down to watch our fun interviews and learn more about the making of the new superhero epic.


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