Brad Pitt gushes over 4DX and IMAX at the star-studded Cineworld premiere of Bullet Train

Are you ready to take a ride on the Bullet Train this August? The all-action extravaganza stars Brad Pitt in a madcap and darkly comic onslaught of violence and oddball characters, and you can now book your tickets.

Based on the novel Maria Beetle by Kōtarō Isaka, Bullet Train groups together the world's most dangerous assassins on elite Japanese public transport. And it's not exactly first-class travel they're fighting for.

Pitt's character Ladybug finds himself pitted against his professional rivals when his handler, the aforementioned Maria Beetle (Sandra Bullock), tasks him with recovering an important briefcase en route from Tokyo to Kyoto.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Joey King, Brian Tyree Henry, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon and Zazie Beetz all make appearances in the latest frenetic thrill ride from Atomic Blonde helmer David Leitch.

Cineworld Leicester Square was delighted to host the glitzy A-list premiere of Bullet Train, attended by Pitt and the rest of the cast.

With Bullet Train screening in Cineworld in 4DX, we quizzed Pitt on his love of the formal, which volleys winds and scents at the viewer, along with moving seats, to replicate the tactile and visceral battle for survival aboard the bullet train itself.

Scroll down to check out our premiere highlights video in which Pitt and his fellow cast members also explain why Bullet train needs to be seen in IMAX at Cineworld.

The expansive and immersive visual and audio dimensions of IMAX promise to engulf audiences in the no-holds-barred, no-rules world of Bullet Train.


Scroll down to find out more about Bullet Train in IMAX, 4DX and ScreenX.

What is IMAX?

The kinetic action and bold colours of Bullet Train are made for the IMAX format. IMAX's remastering process, complete with dual projection, invests added warmth and sharpness into the image to do justice to the filmmaker's vision.

Couple this with the uniquely enveloping screen curvature and integrated, expansive sound, and Bullet Train will overwhelm you in its IMAX presentation.

And then there's IMAX with Laser, which combines 4K laser projection and a 12-channel sound system for the ultimate IMAX experience. It's available at Cineworld Leicester Square, Cineworld Sheffield and Cineworld York.

"The third-act action scene in IMAX is beautiful," promises director David Leitch who has already brought savage physicality to groundbreaking fight scenes in Atomic Blonde.

Check out our info-packed behind-the-scenes video to find out more about IMAX.

What is 4DX?

4DX is the most exhilarating way to watch a full-throttle action blockbuster like Bullet Train. Exclusive to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland, 4DX adds extreme sensory thrills to your cinema experience.

4DX uses stimulating effects like water, wind, scent and strobe lighting that are timed with the on-screen events, whether it's a fight scene, shootout or high-speed chase. (And Bullet Train contains elements of all three.)

Meanwhile, the high-tech motion programming present in your cinema seat means it moves along with the action, while also vibrating and shaking. It promises to make the Bullet Train experience even more riotously entertaining and visceral.

"I really need to experience this," Bullet Train actor Brian Tyree Henry told us at the Leicester Square premiere, jokingly adding: "I need to experience what it feels like when Brad Pitt gets pumped!"

Scroll down to watch our video outlining all the essential information about 4DX.

What is ScreenX?

4DX and IMAX not enough for you? Bullet Train is also showing in Cineworld in the 270-degree, state-of-the-art ScreenX format, which uses up to 12 additional projectors to extend the film onto the side walls of the auditorium.

That means all the crazy, Brad Pitt-starring action will be coming at you from all sides, including your peripheral vision. So, are you ready to take the ride?

Check out the following video that showcases Bullet Train in ScreenX, and be prepared to hold on tight.



Your movie journey is mapped out, and Cineworld is the destination. Click here to book your tickets for Bullet Train, arriving in Cineworld on 2nd August.