Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2020: book your tickets now

Last year was a sensational year for screen-filling popcorn blockbusters, and we're celebrating with the return of the Cinewold IMAX Film Fest. Tickets are now on sale and you can book your tickets here, or by using the film links below.

Four of 2019's biggest movies come roaring back to the big screen on Saturday the 22nd of February at Cineworld cinemas around the country. Experience added dimensions of the biggest and best films for a bargain price – here's what you need to know.

What is the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?

The Cineworld IMAX Film Fest is a one-day event playing exclusively at Cineworld IMAX cinemas nationwide. Pay only £3 for a completely overwhelming experience. (€4 in Cineworld Dublin.)

With its curved screen and powerfully immersive digital surround sound, IMAX subtly yet visibly amplifies the immersive qualities of your favourite films.

What's showing at the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2020?

  • Avengers: Endgame – No mere movie but the culmination of 11 years worth of Marvel storytelling, Avengers: Endgame demands to be experienced again in IMAX. Re-immerse yourself in the most important Marvel battle so far, as the likes of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) confront their nemesis Thanos one last time. Who could resist the chance to watch that spine-tingling final battle charge in the immersive dimensions and sound of IMAX?

  • Joker – He won the Oscar, and now Joaquin Phoenix is about to take over an IMAX screen near you with his electrifying portrayal of Arthur Fleck. The actor's critically acclaimed portrayal of a tragic clown is at the beating heart of Todd Phillips' gritty comic book origin story, and we're now giving you the chance to plunge back into Gotham City's seedy depths, as Fleck becomes an unexpected symbol of change.
  • The Lion King – Director Jon Favreau broke new ground in 2019 with his breathtaking and beautiful CGI recreation of the African savannah in The Lion King. So realistic was Favreau's cutting-edge Disney remake that debate continues to rage about whether it's live-action or animation. Of course, we can't answer that for you; what we can do instead is invite you to watch the movie all over again in IMAX, and witness young lion cub Simba's battle to reclaim his destiny as king of Pride Rock.
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home – Swing along with Peter Parker in IMAX, as this pivotal MCU blockbuster returns to the big screen. Far From Home resolves Phase Four of the MCU, as Tom Holland's wall-crawler battles Jake Gyllenhaal's evil Mysterio. This is a film tailor-made for IMAX presentation – everything from the complexity of Mysterio's illusions to the skyscraper-spanning abilities of our titular hero demand to be seen in this format.

    What is IMAX with laser?

    Cineworld is the only cinema chain in the UK to provide 'IMAX with laser', a quantum leap forward in cinema technology, and it is available at Cineworld Leicester Square, Cineworld York and Cineworld Sheffield.

    IMAX with laser furnishes audiences with the brightest, sharpest, most vivid digital images ever. The pin-sharp images will transport you inside the biggest blockbusters, giving you the experience the filmmakers intended.

    Where can I find out more about the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest?

    Click here to book your tickets for the Cineworld IMAX Film Fest 2020. Let us know @Cineworld if you're planning to watch all of these.