Cineworld presents the 2018 IMAX Film Festival

Get ready to celebrate Cineworld's third IMAX Film Festival – our magnificent celebration of what movies do best. Taking place on Saturday 10th March, it showcases the best of the biggest films over the past 12 months on the biggest screen, all at a reduced rate of only £3 (€4 in Dublin). 

Whether you like your blockbusters spectacular and fun (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, Thor: Ragnarok), intense and pulse-pounding (Dunkirk, IT) or delightful and romantic (Beauty And The Beast), there is something here for you in the most immersive, inspiring environment imaginable. In a world where our phones reduce entertainment to the palm of our hands, that is the joy of IMAX: it makes the world huge again.

What is the Cineworld IMAX Film Festival?

Put simply, it's a one-day event playing exclusively at Cineworld cinemas nationwide. Pay only £3 (€4) for a completely overwhelming experience. 

What's showing?


The first thing you'll notice entering a Cineworld IMAX is the sheer scale of the giant curved screen – you'll feel like a kid again! It is impossible not to get swept up in the romance of Beauty And The Beast to the point where you are in the ballroom watching Belle and Beast waltz. The earth-shattering sound will catapult you into the maelstrom of battle in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk as the bullets and aircraft whizz overhead.

In a completely different way, the scary sound design of modern horror classic IT means you will only use the edge of your seat. Even if you've seen these movies before, IMAX is like experiencing them for the first time.

What is IMAX with laser?

Cineworld is the only cinema chain in the UK to provide 'IMAX with laser', a quantum leap forward in cinema technology, and it is available at Cineworld Leicester Square. IMAX with laser furnishes audiences with the brightest, sharpest, most vivid digital images ever. The pin sharp images will transport you inside Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok, two of the most colourful Marvel films to date, dazzling your senses with a riot of colour and spectacle. IMAX with laser is giving you the experience the filmmakers intended – Cinema with a capital C.

What other IMAX releases are incoming?

Over the next few months Cineworld IMAX will be showcasing the best in event movies. Lara Croft, in the guise of Alicia Vikander, returns in Tomb Raider (15th March), Pacific Rim Uprising (23rd March) continues the war between mankind and monsters and Steven Spielberg brings us a rollicking sci-fi adventure like only he can with Ready Player One (29th March).

Also be prepared to be amazed by Rampage (13th April) starring the larger than life Dwayne Johnson who battles some oversized creatures, and the next instalment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Avengers: Infinity War (27th April), set to be the biggest and best of the lot. All in all, it is a bumper time for big movies and the only place to catch them all is Cineworld IMAX.

Where can I find out more?

For more details head to