Why you need to experience Disney's Jungle Cruise in 4DX

Disney adventure Jungle Cruise pairs the hugely likeable duo of Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, both studio veterans following their roles in Moana and Mary Poppins Returns, respectively.

The movie is adapted from the long-running Disney theme park ride of the same name, sending viewers on a mythical, danger-filled journey into the unknown. Jungle Cruise is screening in immersive 4DX in Cineworld, and if you've yet to experience the format, here's why the movie will act as the perfect introduction.


You bring the feel of the Disney ride into the cinema

Bob, rock and surge along with our heroes Johnson and Blunt as moveable 4DX seats recreate the motion of their fun-filled journey downstream. Haven't been able to get to Disneyland this year? Who needs it with Jungle Cruise in 4DX?

It makes you feel the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle

A typical jungle environment is known to throw myriad sights and smells at the typical spectator, not to mention a multitude of hazards. Amplify those expectations tenfold and you get the enjoyably fantastical landscape of Jungle Cruise, which comes to life in 4DX thanks to rain, wind and scents that are generated to immerse you even further in the world of the film. Take a trip into the unknown from the comfort of your 4DX seat.


Atmospheric effects bring the darker side of the jungle to life

Jungle Cruise also has a pleasingly spooky and creepy side to it as Johnson and Blunt plunge into their search for the tree of life. (Don't worry, it remains within the family-friendly threshold.) Winds, scents and strobe lighting are timed to give greater physicality and presence to the movie's key villains, including the menacing Aguirre (Edgar Ramirez), who is also determined to find the tree. After all, what's a great adventure without someone to boo and hiss at?

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