Do the Right Thing: the 90s Baby Show team explores Spike Lee's modern classic

Spike Lee's pulsating Do the Right Thing is returning to Cineworld for Black History Month. The movie's re-release also coincides with the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

We wanted to find out why this hard-hitting drama remains so vital, and why it has attained even more relevance than before.

So, we recruited the award-winning YouTube team from 90s Baby Show, Fred Santana, Temi Alchemy and VP, to come down to Cineworld and offer their insights.

From the direction to the script, performances and favourite moments, check out their in-depth reactions in the following video.


If you enjoyed the video and want to return to it later on, here are some time-stamped highlights so you can easily jump to your favourite moments.

What are the best scenes from Do the Right Thing? (1:47)

Is it possible to pick a favourite scene from Spike Lee's incendiary and tense canvas? And which of the 90s Baby Show team is ready to offer an especially controversial opinion?

What is the funniest scene from Do the Right Thing? (4:10)

A serious critique of racism and bigotry it may be, but Do the Right Thing has some seriously funny moments up its sleeve. Will it be Radio Raheem attempting to buy batteries? Buggin' Out's Air Jordans getting scuffed? The guys give their verdict.

What was the cultural impact of Do the Right Thing? (6:01)

Do the Right Thing is one of the most important movies of the 1980s and it famously put Spike Lee on the Hollywood map. (To find out more, check out our breakdown here.) But what was the lingering impact of the film's narrative?

Why should a Cineworld audience watch the movie? (7:50)

The themes? The soundtrack? The powerful performances? Hear it from the mouth of 90s Baby Show as to why you need to head down to Cineworld and re-engage with this vibrant, topical modern classic.


Focus on what needs to be done, do the right thing and click the link below. Spike Lee's movie screens at Cineworld on October 10th.