Four takeaways from our Gareth Edwards interview about The Creator and artificial intelligence

We sat down to talk with the imaginative and skilled filmmaker Gareth Edwards to talk about his new movie, The Creator. Given that the movie dramatises an ongoing war between humans and a sentient artificial intelligence, we wanted to get beneath the skin of this spectacular sci-fi adventure.

Check out the full video below as we examine the epic new release, getting the lowdown as to the movie's topicality, themes and awe-inspiring big-screen dimensions.

Enjoyed the interview? If you want to watch it again later on and locate specific areas of our behind-the-scenes discussion, you can easily do so with the following breakdown. 


1. How the release of the film aligned with real-world A.I. concerns (0:13)

What does it mean when the complex and long-running nature of a film production strikes while the iron's hot on an especially controversial subject? Hear from Gareth himself as to this timely coincidence.

2. The divisions between embracing A.I. or fearing it (1:08)

The Creator explores the pervasive and damaging effect of a war instigated by an autonomous A.I. But what about the practical implications of A.I. in the real world? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? And where does Gareth sit?

3. The nature of experiencing The Creator at Cineworld in premium formats (2:37)

When watching The Creator, should one opt for the all-encompassing dimensions of IMAX, the multi-sensory effects of 4DX or the 270-degree immersion of ScreenX? Gareth gives his verdict, including his inaugural ScreenX response.

4. Locating the humanity in a story about A.I. (4:59)

What does it take to locate a sense of soul within a machine, and what can A.I. teach humanity about its own best and worst impulses? Find out how this is at the heart of Gareth's script.


If this has inspired you to watch The Creator again, then click the link below to book your tickets. The movie is on release now at Cineworld.