Director Gareth Edwards promises big things from his upcoming Godzilla reboot

Iconic movie monster Godzilla stomps back onto our screens in next year's hotly anticipated reboot. And director Gareth Edwards promises that the film will be spectacular.

"You're going to sit in the cinema for two hours. You want to see Godzilla, and you want to see him fight something else," the director told online blog Moviepilot. "If you just do it straight away, all up front, when everything is peaking, it goes to zero. It has no effect. It's all about contrast. We tried to build the structure of the movie, and the weight of the film in such a way that it climaxes more, and more, and more."

Sounds like we'll be getting plenty of bang for our Godzilla buck! Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston and Sally Hawkins star in the film, due for release on 16 May 2014.