How M3GAN memed her way to iconic horror status

There's a rich history of killer doll movies on the big screen, and M3GAN is the latest to join the list. She's got the lethal impulses of Chucky from the Child's Play movies, and yet unlike Chucky, she's also got the meme-worthy dance moves well.

As soon as the M3GAN trailer landed, audiences went wild for the scene where she menacingly pirouettes her way down a corridor en route to slicing an essential character in half. Actor Amie Donald embodies the doll and has been lauded for her choreography, timing and contortionist skills that invest M3GAN with a palpably creepy life.


You know that a character has struck gold when people in real life start breaking out the cosplay. Across the world, the M3GAN dancers have been introducing premieres and screenings, getting audiences psyched for an enjoyable blend of satirical camp and full-on horror. Here's an example.

@disway800 M3gan wants to be friend! Out in theaters 1.6.23 #m3gan #m3ganmovie #m3gandance #m3gandoll #megandancechallenge #hollywood #hollywoodpremiere #chinesetheatre #allisonwilliams #universalstudios #universalpictures #tiktokdancechallenge #moviepremiere ♬ original sound - BeyondDisway


Here are the M3GAN dolls on tour at the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles.

@kmo_18 #m3gandolls go on tour starting at the Chinese Theatre. #m3ganmovie #m3gan #m3gandoll #m3gandance #m3gamemes #m3gancosplay #m3gantrend ♬ original sound - Kristi


Such is M3GAN's influence that people have matched her moves with different songs. How about a bit of Taylor Swift?


Or maybe Beyoncé?

How about the character's namesake Megan Thee Stallion?

Some have even likened M3GAN to a grown-up Renesmee from the Twilight saga.

So, what is it about M3GAN that has struck such a chord with people? Screenrant posits the following: "Ultimately, the memes about M3GAN are about a toy, and it's a reminder of the toys that children loved growing up with. The deeper themes of the film focus on this as well. But it also proves that horror comedies are a genre that works, and M3GAN continues promising horror trends that strongly suggest the franchise will become a mainstay in the movie industry.

"Killer toys have been done before, but they haven't been utilized quite like how M3GAN has. Because of the memes and the horror film's excellent feedback, M3GAN is already an unexpected success immediately after its release."

Box office analyst Mia Mercado, writing for The Cut, says the film "doesn't take itself too seriously" and adds: "If anything, that made me want to see the movie more."

Have the M3GAN memes made you want to watch the movie? The movie is released at Cineworld on January 13 so check out the trailer below and prepare to make her acquaintance.