Inhale the chocolate scents of Wonka in 4DX and claim your scratch-and-sniff movie poster

This week, Wonka skips and dances its way into Cineworld and allows Timothée Chalamet to put a delightful spin on Roald Dahl's classic character. Chalamet plays the younger iteration of Willy Wonka in the latest delightful confection from director Paul King, which acts as a spirited musical origin story for the title character's beloved chocolate factory.

The wonderful world of Wonka is resplendent in all the colours of the rainbow and the movie sports several hummable songs that will put a spring in your step this December. Fittingly, for a movie that revolves around the most wonderful of things, chocolate, you may find your stomach rumbling, particularly when you experience the movie in 4DX at Cineworld.

Curious? Keep on reading to find out more.


What is 4DX and how does it work?

4DX is a multi-sensory format unique to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland. The format employs motion-programmed seats that move in time with the on-screen action to help pull you further into the movie. 4DX also harnesses the immersive and tactile power of wind, water and scent effects to make the environment of a given film feel all the more tangible.

The specifics of 4DX and how it works to immerse a movie audience can be discovered in our behind-the-scenes video clip.


How is 4DX going to enhance the world of Wonka?

We're delighted to announce an all-new limited edition 4DX chocolate scent that's sure to transport viewers into Wonka’s world. Want to breathe in the delightful sugar-rush extravaganza that is the new Wonka movie? Cineworld is the only place where you can do so, allowing you to get closer to Wonka's extraordinary and mouthwatering creations.

It’s not just the sweet smell of chocolate that will enliven the senses, as 4DX has effects like snow, wind and water timed to enhance the scenes playing out on screen so you feel like you’re discovering the magic of chocolate right along with Wonka and his friends. With musical numbers galore and magical elements in abundance, the 4DX seats will roll, sway and shake so it’s like you’re right there dancing, jumping and swimming along.


How else is Cineworld celebrating Wonka's release?

We're also offering 4DX customers a sweet deal with a free chocolate-scented scratch-and-sniff Wonka poster inspired by the unique limited chocolate smell experienced in 4DX. This is your opportunity to take away a delightful memento of your Cineworld Wonka experience.

All you have to do is book your Wonka 4DX tickets and the following poster can be yours. (Available while stocks last.)

Wonka Cineworld 4DX poster


Where can book our golden tickets for Wonka?

Click the link below to book your Wonka tickets. It opens at Cineworld on December 8th.