Migration: take flight with Illumination's new movie in premium viewing formats

Animated movie Migration has taken flight at Cineworld, and we're inviting you to enjoy the premium format experience at Cineworld. The movie, which comes from Despicable Me and Minions studio Illumination, invites you to soar alongside the Mallard family as they fly south for the winter.

Here are all the different ways you can take your family viewing of Migration to the next level.


Marvel at the scale of the Mallards' journey in IMAX

IMAX's larger-than-usual screens combine with a unique remastering process to produce a residual sharpness and screen clarity unrivalled in any other format. This means that every facet of the Mallard family's journey south radiates with a sense of expanse and warmth.

This being an animation, IMAX's perfectly integrated sound system enhances the movie's multifaceted soundtrack, which features a score from animation veteran John Powell, composer of rousing melodies in films like Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon. 

Find out more about the IMAX remastering process in the following behind-the-scenes video.


Feel the wind ruffling your feathers in 4DX

4DX is a multi-sensory format unique to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland. Motion-programmed seats are timed to every exuberant moment of uplift, so as the Mallard family takes flight, your seat will move in time with the action to make you feel like you're ascending and descending. 

Scents and effects, including rain and wind, give tangibility to the visual action, making you feel as if you're there. 

The specifics of 4DX and how it works to immerse a movie audience can be discovered in our behind-the-scenes video clip.


Remember, you can combine premium viewing formats with our new Family Ticket offer – all you need to do is pay a small uplift.