Mother's Day movies: 4 must-see Cineworld releases

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Make your mum feel special with a visit to Cineworld this Mother's Day. And don't forget that when you spend £25 on a Cineworld Mother's Day gift card, you'll get a free £5 gift card back.

Sound good? Here's our blog list of the must-see movies out at the moment.

1. The inspiring true story – Misbehaviour

Female empowerment is the name of the game in this fact-based comedy-drama, which recounts the hilarious chaos behind the 1970 Miss World competition.

Atonement's Keira Knightley and Judy's Jessie Buckley lead a star-studded cast as the founders of the Women's Liberation Movement. They're appalled at the nature of the upcoming Miss World contest, and plan to make a statement aimed directly at controversial American host Bob Hope (Greg Kinnear).

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, hopeful contestant Miss Grenada (Belle's Gugu Mbatha-Raw) is battling against the odds to emerge as a pioneer in her own right. It's a microcosm of a movie that's powered by strong women, with the excellent cast also including Rhys Ifans, Keeley Hawes and Lesley Manville.

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2. The drama that hits the high notes – Military Wives

The connection between mother and son powers this feelgood British drama, based on the true story of the UK's first-ever military wives' choir.

The English Patient's Kristin Scott Thomas plays the brittle Kate, who is grieving for the son who died in combat, and is about to bid farewell to her husband as he embarks on her next tour of duty. When she teams up with her chalk and cheese opposite Lisa (Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan), they decide to form a female voice choir. But getting to the finishing line and a Royal Albert Hall performance turns out to be a journey peppered with laughs and emotional revelations.

If the steady unveiling of Scott Thomas' character doesn't have mums and kids reaching out for a hug, then, seriously, take a moment. The movie comes from The Full Monty director Peter Cattaneo, and he knows a thing or two about tugging on the old heartstrings.

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3. Disney-Pixar's emotional adventure – Onward

Disney-Pixar's latest movie may centre on two brothers, but mothers play an important role in the storyline, too. Marvel brethren Chris Pratt and Tom Holland voice elf siblings Ian and Barley, who embark on a road trip to complete a spell that will bring their late father back to life.

Naturally, any mum would be concerned about their sons undertaking such a journey. So, it's a good thing the movie also features Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Ian and Barley's loving mother Laurel, who sets off in pursuit of her boys. And she has help, picking up manticore (a lion crossed with a scorpion) Corey (Octavia Spencer) along the way. Just be prepared for maximum emotional impact at the end – after all, this is Pixar we're talking about.

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4. The wild card horror choice – The Invisible Man

Who says that all Mother's Day movies need to be sentimental affairs? Some mums are sure to enjoy a good scare, and the terrific new take on The Invisible Man is currently on release in Cineworld.

Directed by Saw's Leigh Whannell and distributed by horror experts Blumhouse (the Oscar-winning Get Out), this is less a story of the invisible man, and more one of the visible woman. The brilliant Elisabeth Moss (The Handmaid's Tale) plays an abused wife who escapes her controlling spouse, an expert in the field of optics. But when she inherits his vast wealth after his apparent death, Moss's character Cecilia suspects she's not actually alone... Prepare for all manner of exhilaratingly creepy moments, laced with a topical twist for our times.

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Which of these Mother's Day movies will you be watching? Let us know @Cineworld.