Movie releases to watch in Cineworld over the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend

Looking to spend the Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend in your local Cineworld? We've got you covered from spine-tingling indie horrors to breathtaking multiverse adventures.

Scroll down to find out what's on.


1. Alex Garland's chilling new horror: Men (on release now)

Alex Garland, screenwriter of 28 Days Later, and director of Ex Machina and Annihilation, now presents his trippiest, most memorably disturbing odyssey yet.

Oscar nominee Jessie Buckley plays the recently widowed Harper who is unexpectedly confronted by a rural onslaught of men all sharing the same face (all of whom are played by Rory Kinnear).

With its commitment to thought-provoking provocation and gruesome imagery, Men cements Garland as a singular auteur in the horror and fantasy genres while eliciting career-best performances from Buckley and Kinnear.

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2. The return of Tom Cruise: Top Gun: Maverick

The word is out: Top Gun: Maverick is even better than the original Top Gun movie. Tom Cruise is now the lead aviator in his role as the grinning Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell, never one to let a daring aerial stunt or backlit sunset pass him by.

Bracingly shot with IMAX cameras by director Joseph Kosinski, and produced by the totemic Jerry Bruckheimer, Top Gun: Maverick evokes the past while movingly advancing the mythology in new directions. Miles Teller is a standout as Rooster, the son of the late Goose (Anthony Edwards), and make sure you have some hankies ready upon the poignant return of Iceman (Val Kilmer).

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3. The latest Marvel Studios blockbuster: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Spider-Man: No Way Home teased the emergence of the multiverse. Now, the Doctor Strange sequel picks up the baton and runs headlong into all manner of crazy, eye-poppingly extraordinary worlds.

Attempting to patch up the damage he caused in No Way Home, Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) finds himself tasked with a new mission. He must protect the multiverse-hopping America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) from the machinations of the tragic Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) as he pinballs from one universe to the next.

Director Sami Raimi unleashes all the deranged visual flourishes we've come to expect (watch out for the music notation battle) in the latest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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4. The multiversal masterpiece: Everything Everywhere All At Once

Michelle Yeoh gets a superb showcase for her talents in this thrillingly inventive multiverse movie from indie stalwart studio A24 (The Witch; Hereditary).

From the directorial duo Daniels, Everything Everywhere mixes a profound parental allegory with outrageous action and slapstick humour, switching genres and environments every couple of minutes to a dizzying degree.

When Yeoh's character Evelyn discovers that she must connect with her multiverse personas, it sets in motion a journey of reconciliation with her daughter Joy (Stephanie Hsu). The problem is the latter has manifested her resentments in the form of the universe-destroying demon Jobu Tupaki. Trust us, you just have to watch it.

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5. The irresistible period drama: Downton Abbey: A New Era

Don your finest and adopt your finest manners for the latest serving of Downton Abbey soap opera. Series creator Julian Fellowes now splits the narrative between the estate, which is playing host to a radical new talking pictures film, and the south of France.

The mysterious backstory of the splendidly acidic Violet Crawley (Maggie Smith) is key to the emotional backbone of the latest Downton movie, which follows on the heels of the blockbusting first film from 2019. Series regulars Hugh Bonneville, Elizabeth McGovern and more are all on hand to envelop us in a blend of comforting nostalgia.

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What will you be watching in Cineworld this Jubilee Bank Holiday? Let us know @Cineworld.