5 amazing reasons to register with My Cineworld

Why do you need to register with My Cineworld? Here are five very good reasons...

1) Save details for faster booking

Fed up of websites where you're constantly having to update your details? We know what that's like. That's why the My Cineworld process is designed to make your life a lot easier. Once you've registered, your details will be saved – making it easier to book for all the latest unmissable movies like Straight Outta ComptonVacation and Everest.

2) Film times and offer e-mails

Sign up and get exclusive newsletters packed full of exclusive content – straight to your inbox! You'll also be constantly updated on the latest film times, meaning you won't have to miss a single movie, plus you'll be told about all the cool new offers available to My Cineworld members.

3) Create your film wishlist online

Got a movie you really want to see but can't book online yet? Then add it to your movie wishlist and you'll receive alerts bringing you all the latest information, including details of when the box office opens. Keep up to date at home, at work or on the move with your phone or tablet. Job done.

4) Share film times with friends

Movies are best enjoyed with a crowd. So get your mates involved – share the latest film times with them and make it a group trip to your local Cineworld.

5) Rate and review films

Bursting to share your opinion on the hottest new releases? Well now you can: tweet about the biggest movies on our new website and your thoughts will be shared with your fellow Cineworld viewers! 

We think those are five very good reasons – so what are you waiting for? Click here to register with My Cineworld and reap all of these amazing benefits, plus more.