Nope: discover how IMAX plays a pivotal role in Jordan Peele's latest must-see horror

There's no denying the ambition and blistering brilliance of Jordan Peele's directorial vision. Over the course of just two movies, he's cemented a fascinating blend of hot button topicality, creepy atmosphere and big, provocatively uncomfortable laughs.

Peele's enigmatic new movie Nope promises more of the same, although we're damned if we can describe what it's about. Daniel Kaluuya, reuniting with Peele after the sensational, Oscar-winning Get Out, plays a Hollywood horse trainer, who along with his sister (Lightyear's Keke Palmer) seems to become embroiled in strange paranormal phenomena. The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun, The OA's Brandon Perea and The Crow's Michael Wincott are among the supporting players in the excellent cast.

Excitingly, this is the first of Peele's movies to be captured with IMAX cameras. Peele's visual scope is therefore set to expand along with the script's meaty subtexts that touch on racial disparity, sibling rivalry, and apparent judgment from an extraterrestrial source.

What better person to lens in IMAX than Hoyte van Hoytema? The celebrated cinematographer is Christopher Nolan's right-hand man, having brought a dazzling sense of IMAX scale and scope to the likes of Interstellar, Dunkirk and Tenet.

Go behind the scenes in the following video and discover how Nope will be a Peele visual feast like no other.



Nope is released in Cineworld cinemas on 12th August.