October movie releases at Cineworld: Killers of the Flower Moon and more

September may be rolling to a close but the must-see movies at Cineworld keep on coming.

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Scroll down for all the details of the incoming films this October.


1. The Creator (released September 28th)

Rogue One director Gareth Edwards returns to the realm of epic sci-fi with this sweeping story of man versus machine. Tenet's John David Washington plays the resistance fighter tasked with bringing down the all-powerful A.I. that has obliterated humanity – only to discover that his target is a biomechanical child.


2. Saw X (released September 29th)

Discover the origins of the notorious Jigsaw Killer (Tobin Bell) in the latest grisly instalment of the limb-shattering, body-mangling horror franchise. Want to be thoroughly grossed out and creeped out this Halloween? Allow Jigsaw to do the work.


3. The Exorcist: Believer (released October 6th)

The spirit of the late director William Friedkin lives on via this spine-tingling Exorcist sequel, which comes from the Halloween dream team of David Gordon Green and Blumhouse. Decades after her daughter was possessed by Pazuzu, the haunted Chris MacNeil (Ellen Burstyn) must intervene to save the souls of two young girls. 

4. The Great Escaper (released October 6th)

Who can resist Michael Caine's indomitable screen presence? The veteran star pairs with the late Glenda Jackson for the remarkable true story of pensioner Bernard John, who escaped from his care home in 2014 to join the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings at Normandy.

5. Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie (released October 13th)

The world-conquering animated franchise bounds back onto the big screen. The Paw Patrol movie, officially known as The Mighty Movie, transforms the titular heroes into the Mighty Pups via the power of a magical meteor that crash-lands in Adventure City.


6. It Lives Inside (released October 20th)

The spine-tingling legend of the Pishacha, a flesh-eating demon from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, occupies this brooding horror movie. When a young girl discovers her friend is possessed by the very same entity, she must reconcile with her Indian heritage to help defeat the monster.


7. Killers of the Flower Moon (released October 20th)

Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro make a powerhouse trio in this Oscar-courting, four-hour-long epic adapted from David Grann's bestseller. Indigenous exploitation, oil and greed underline this coruscating look at the birth of contemporary America with Lily Gladstone giving a standout performance.


8. Trolls: Band Together (released October 20th)

The blockbusting Trolls franchise now reaches its third chapter. Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) are back, and they're now officially a couple. Then Poppy discovers Branch's secret boy band past with the group BroZone... That means it's time to cue the music again!

9. Five Nights at Freddy's (released October 25th)

The hit gaming franchise makes its spooky cinematic debut. Josh Hutcherson plays the unsuspecting security guard whose night shift at the purportedly haunted and dilapidated Freddy Fazbear's Pizza takes a creepy turn. The reason? The animatronic exhibits led by the titular Freddy are seemingly alive...

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