Onward Day previews: watch Disney-Pixar's latest in advance of its release date

Want to see Disney-Pixar's latest movie Onward in advance at Cineworld? Well, you can with our special Onward Day previews on the 29th of February – we're capitalising on the fact it's a leap year with exciting advance showings of the eagerly awaited family animation. This means you get to see the film in advance of its UK release date on the 6th of March

Leap Day has been renamed 'Onward Day', so make sure you spend it with someone special as you catch up with Disney-Pixar's latest adorable creations. Marvel alumni Chris Pratt and Tom Holland voice Ian and Barley Lightfoot, two elf brothers who occupy a world that mixes and matches the ordinary with the extraordinary. For every sight of a fairy or unicorn, there's a recognisable house or van to bring us down to Earth.

However, this is also a world that appears to have lost any sense of what real magic actually is. This prompts Ian and Barley to use a spell and resurrect their late father, whom they never knew – only for the incantation to go wrong and their dad to manifest as a pair of legs. There's only one thing for it: embark on a road trip and complete the spell in order to spend one full day with their dearly departed dad in the flesh.

If that premise already has you welling up, then you know you're in the presence of a Disney-Pixar movie. These guys excel at such conceits, as the Oscar-winning likes of Up, Inside Out and Coco have proven. Onward is directed by Monsters University director Dan Scanlon, and the voice cast also includes Octavia Spencer and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

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