Oppenheimer video explores the movie's recreation of the Trinity Test

When Christopher Nolan commits to realism, it's always the real deal. The celebrated filmmaker is famously averse to using CG unless it's absolutely necessary, and this sense of verisimilitude presented an interesting challenge during the making of his new movie, Oppenheimer

The film dramatises the birth of the atomic bomb as seen through the eyes of its influential creator, scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer (Cillian Murphy). Shot on a sweeping, IMAX-lensed scale, the movie explores both the act of creation and the chilling fallout that ensues when scientific theory is weaponised and presages a deadly new age of global conflict.

Given that the movie dwells in the realm of atomic weaponry, Nolan and his crew had a monumental task on their hands when bringing it to the screen. Nevertheless, Nolan instructed his special effects supervisor Andrew Jackson to look into a re-enactment of Oppenheimer's groundbreaking Trinity Test, and true to form, the crew managed it for real during the making of the movie.

Find out how they achieved this gargantuan task in the following clip.



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