Don't miss our Scream double bill at Cineworld on March 8th

Are you anticipating Ghostface's return to Cineworld? The iconic and dreaded horror icon takes another stab at immortality in the forthcoming Scream VI, which moves the bloodcurdling slasher franchise to New York City.

In celebration of Scream VI's imminent release this March, which includes visceral 4DX, 4DX 3D and Superscreen presentations, we're hosting a delightfully bloodcurdling Scream double bill to get all you fans in the mood. Both Scream V and Scream VI will be paired together in ghoulish and terrifying fashion, allowing you to catch up on the franchise story so far. This exciting double bill is happening exclusively on March 8th at Cineworld cinemas nationwide. 

Here's the trailer for Scream VI – are you brave enough to confront Ghostface again?


This new Scream movie comes hot on the heels of 2022's Scream V, which successfully resurrected the series in the wake of director Wes Craven's death. That movie set in motion a new series of deadly Ghostface games as the devious psycho started riffing on the notion of the 'requel' – a reboot that also acts as the sequel.

It remains to be seen how the killer, or killers, will change the rules in Scream VI. One thing about Ghostface: they've always been able to stay ahead of the game and twist the knife into current trends, so we dread to think what's in store for the killer's Manhattan rampage. An assortment of characters, including returning Scream V duo Sam and Tara Carpenter (Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega), plus series veteran Gale Weathers (Courteney Cox), are about to face the fight of their lives.

Just to reiterate: the Cineworld Scream double bill gets underway on March 8th, making this your one chance to celebrate a classic horror legacy via the big screen experience.