Tessa Thompson talks Creed III with Cineworld

Did you watch Creed III over the weekend? Then you'll want to watch our interview with Bianca actor Tessa Thompson. The brilliant Tessa quietly threatens to steal the show in the new Creed movie, tempering the testosterone onslaught as Adonis 'Donnie' Creed (Michael B. Jordan) squares up to his friend turned rival Damian (Jonathan Majors).

In Creed III, we see Bianca grappling more with her burgeoning music crew despite early onset hearing problems. It adds more texture and character depth to the drama, particularly when one considers Bianca and Donnie's daughter Amara who is growing up completely deaf but harbours her parents' fire and drive.

Check out our interview as Tessa explains her character motivations and what it's like to experience the mighty Creed action on the big screen.



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