The Equalizer 3: experience Denzel Washington's thriller in premium formats

Denzel Washington returns as avenging angel Robert McCall in The Equalizer 3, the final instalment of the hard-hitting and action-packed Equalizer franchise. Want to experience a distinguished Oscar winner taking some despicable baddies to the cleaners? You now can as Washington re-teams with Training Day and Equalizer 1 and 2 director Antoine Fuqua.

Former government operative McCall has now gone to ground in scenic Italy and aims to leave his violent past behind. But the presence of the infamous Camorra mafia means that McCall soon has to tap into his particular set of skills and protect the innocent Italian villagers from reprisals. There will be blood as our title character finds increasingly inventive ways of eliminating his enemies.

Feel the crushing and bruising impact of McCall's retribution by watching The Equalizer 3 in one of several premium formats at Cineworld. Keep on reading to find out more.



The enlarged scope and curvature of the IMAX format further enhance Washington's already electrifying screen presence, as his burning gaze and physical heft command every facet of your attention. Plus, that Italian scenery will look a heck of a lot more inviting, too.

IMAX utlises a greatly expanded aspect ratio (1.90:1 versus anamorphic widescreen's 2.39:1), which fuses with a bold remastering process, dual projection and perfectly tuned surround sound. Your average bad guy beatdown never looked more grandiose than it does here.

2. 4DX

The Equalizer 3, as with its predecessors, is all about the physical crunch and visceral impact of revenge. That's where 4DX comes into play, amplifying the movie's enjoyable bone-breaking carnage.

Unique to Cineworld cinemas in the UK and Ireland, 4DX is a uniquely immersive multisensory format. It combines seat movement (generated by tactile motion programming) with a range of dynamic effects (wind, water, scents), thrusting the viewer right into the thick of the action. Just try not to flinch too hard as McCall goes to work in his inimitable style.

3. Superscreen

Movies feel like masterpieces in Superscreen. State-of-the-art projection and amazingly life-like sound combine to deliver an experience that’s as close to the filmmaker's original intentions as possible.

Factor in Washington's gravitas and Fuqua's adept handling of gritty set pieces, and one can imagine why The Equalizer 3 is made for the Superscreen format.

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