Watch three classic Pixar movies on the big screen at Cineworld for the first time

We've got a delightful treat to brighten up these bleak winter months. We at Cineworld are offering all you Pixar fans the chance to see three of the studio's classic movies on the big screen for the very first time. 

Expect a feast for the emotions and the senses as you bask in Pixar's signature animation style and sweeping storytelling, all augmented by the dynamism of the big-screen experience. Keep on reading to discover the movies and dates.

1. Turning Red (screening February 10th and 11th)

A Chinese-Canadian girl's coming-of-age is the catalyst for a fast-moving, colourful and riotously funny Pixar comedy that has much to say about culture, adolescence and parent-child relationships. It comes from director and Pixar storyboard artist Domee Shi who was acclaimed for her short film Bao (2018), which centred on a a sentient dumpling.

Shi translates Bao's signature charm into her feature film debut. Rosalie Chiang voices Mei, a boyband-worshipping pre-teen who is on the verge of leaving her childhood behind. Mei regularly clashes with her fiercely traditionalist mother Ming (Sandra Oh) who vows to keep the family's legacy alive via the temple dedicated to her maternal ancestor.

Mei's mood swings soon take an unexpected turn when, in her anger, she manifests as an outsized red panda. She attempts to keep it a secret from her mother, but there are plenty of skeletons in the closet pertaining to female roles in Chinese society and the enduring question of what it means to belong to two very different worlds.




2. Soul (screening March 9th and 10th)

Jamie Foxx voices a deceased jazz musician on an odyssey through the afterlife in this conceptually dazzling Pixar adventure. Foxx's character, teacher and pianist Joe Gardiner, has found himself in a coma after falling through a manhole cover. He then finds himself in a wondrous and surreal etch-a-sketch iteration of the beyond where he discovers how people's souls are effectively 'grafted' onto their bodies.

As Joe seeks to escape the afterlife and return to his human body, a frenetic odyssey gets underway that intermingles broad body-swap comedy with a thoughtful, moving deconstruction of character and personality. The movie is directed by Pete Docter who crafted a Pixar masterpiece with 2015's Inside Out, and it's little surprise that Soul bears many of the earlier movie's hallmarks, plumbing those fascinating and intangible areas as to what makes us human.

The vibrant animation bonds with an eclectic score from renowned jazz artist Jone Batiste and experimental pioneers Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Like everything else in the movie, it's anything but predictable. 




3. Luca (screening April 6th and 7th)

If panda transformations and trips through the afterlife aren't your Pixar bag, then take a jaunt to the gorgeous Italian Riviera in this charming riff on The Little Mermaid. Luca is drenched in the stylistics of the Italian coastline, from the azure lapping waves to the mouth-watering seafood as it presents the story of child sea monster Luca (voiced by Jacob Tremblay).

Forbidden by his parents to venture onto land, Luca then makes friends with human boy Alberto (Jack Dylan Grazer) and he soon learns more about the world that exists beyond his aquatic domain. Set in 1959, the movie has an appealing retro style as it plays on enduring themes of friendship and growing up with Luca and Alberto eventually sealing their bond via the memories of one important summer.

Debut director Enrico Casarosa based the movie's fictional town of Portorosso on his memories of growing up in Italy, making this a beautiful and deeply felt Pixar offering.



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