What fans can expect to see in Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training

Demon Slayer is blazing back onto our cinema screens this February. Following the outstanding success of Season 3, this will give anime fans a small taste of what’s to come when Season 4 airs this spring.

So, dust off your Nichirin swords, practise your sun-breathing technique, and get ready to join Tanjiro and his friends in Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training, which is now on release at Cineworld.


Demon Slayer: To The Hashira Training combines two episodes that will be played back to back. The first is ‘A Connected Bond: Daybreak and First Light’, best known to fans as the heart-pounding finale from the previous season’s Swordsmith Village arc.

If you’ve been following the show, you may remember the electrifying final battle in which Tanjiro, Genya and Mitsuri give everything they have to take down Hantengu, the Upper Four demon of the Twelve Kizuki.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness such a thrilling showdown on a Cineworld screen. The incredibly vibrant colours featured in Ufotable’s world-class animation are elevated to a whole new level by way of crystal-clear projection and exhilarating sound.


Fans will also be treated to an exclusive look at the first episode of Season 4, ‘To The Hashira Training’, which will be released nationwide soon. With Muzan Kibutsuji rallying the full force of the remaining Upper Twelve to hunt down Nezuko after her astonishing triumph over the sun, it is a race against time for Tanjiro to complete his Hashira training and make sure he is prepared for the final battle against his greatest foe.


With the first episode of the Hashira Training Arc coming in at a staggering 60 minutes, viewers are in for a full 1 hour 43 minutes of uninterrupted demon-slaying action. Demon Slayer: To the Hashira Training is showing at Cineworld in both subtitled and dubbed versions, so we’ve got all preferences covered.

Premium viewing formats are also available for anyone who wishes to enhance their viewing experience. Is IMAX more your flavour, with its towering screen and stunning dual-projection imagery? Or do you prefer to feel like part of the action with 4DX – feeling every swing of the sword as your motion-controlled seat fully immerses you in the events unfolding onscreen?

Demon Slayer: To The Hashira Training promises to be your favourite anime experience and it's now on release at Cineworld. Book your tickets by clicking the link below.