Celebrate Diwali with major new Bollywood movie releases at Cineworld

Diwali 2022 has begun and we're celebrating at Cineworld with a host of dazzling and exciting new Bollywood movie releases. Scroll down to discover what's on and when.


What movies are on release during Diwali 2022?

Mark the onset of Diwali with the release of Hindi-language fantasy-drama Thank God (released at Cineworld on October 25).

An egoistic real estate broker in huge debt meets with an accident. As he gains consciousness, he realizes that he is in heaven. God appears in front of him and informs him that he will have to play a “game of life". If he manages to win, he will be sent back to earth and if he loses, he will be sent to hell.

Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn, famous for blockbuster hits Total Dhamaal (2019) and Tanhaji (2020), pairs with rising actor Sidharth Malhotra (breakout star of 2012's Student of the Year) for a visually arresting morality tale with a twist.

Check out the Thank God trailer below.


You also need to clear your calendar for the release of the Hindi action movie Ram Setu (released on October 25). The movie follows an archaeologist who is exploring the legend of 'Adam's Bridge', reputed to be a former land connection between India and Sri Lanka. Many attest that the creation of 'Adam's Bridge' stems from Hindu legend, and this provides the jumping-off point for a sweeping adventure.

The movie is anchored by Bollywood icon Akshay Kumar, a noted veteran of the industry with over 30 years of experience. Kumar has brought his screen presence to the hard-hitting likes of Special Chabbis (2013) and Kesari (2019).

Check out the trailer for Ram Setu below.

What other Bollywood movies are coming to Cineworld?

On release at Cineworld from October 21: Sardar (Tamil), Prince (Tamil), Ginna (Telugu) and Ori Devuda (Telugu). 

There's also time to catch The Legend of Maula Jatt (Punjabi), Ponniyin Selvan I (Tamil) and Babe Bhangra Paunde Ne (Punjabi) at your Cineworld.