Elemental featurette introduces you to the characters of Element City

Disney-Pixar's Elemental is this month's must-see family adventure. (Find out more about Cineworld's family ticket by clicking here.) The Toy Story and Inside Out wizards now take you inside the world of Element City where fire, water, earth and air are humanised in Pixar's typically witty, imaginative fashion.

Mamoudou Athie voices the drippy Wade Ripple and Leah Lewis voices the fiery Ember. These two characters couldn't be less alike, and yet a spark occurs between the two of them that suggests the clashing individuals of Element City can enjoy a more holistic union.

As one would expect, the movie looks gorgeous in its shades of aquatic blue and burning red. Find out how director Peter Sohn and the Pixar animation team constructed the world of the movie in the following video.


Click the link below to book your tickets for Elemental. The movie is released at Cineworld on July 7th.