International Animation Day: celebrate 97 years of Disney classics

Today is International Animation Day, which as the name suggests celebrates one of the oldest and richest genres in the history of cinema. Animation has proved its ability to cross boundaries and languages, with a range of styles spanning handdrawn offerings to contemporary CGI marvels.

This special day in the movie calendar lines up with a significant milestone in Disney's history. The animation icons recently celebrated 97 years of wondrous, enchanting and world-beating stories, with classics too numerous to mention.

In anticipation of Disney's next movie, CGI animation Raya and the Last Dragon (due for release in March 2021), the studio has released a timely 'Animontage'. Feel the nostalgia as it recaps nine decades of cast-iron family masterpieces, set to the music of award-winning Frozen composer Christophe Beck. Check it out below.


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