Meg 2: The Trench – Jason Statham’s most epic moments from the first Meg film

Fans of the monster movie genre are in for a real treat this week, as Meg 2: The Trench comes gnashing and snapping into Cineworld cinemas (from 4 August). Directed by Ben Wheatley, this big-budget sequel sees British star Jason Statham reprising his role as shark-wrestling diver Jonas Taylor – only this time, he comes up against an even more formidable foe when he leads his team on a daring research mission to the depths of the Mariana Trench.

We’re pretty confident Statham will take it all in his stride, though – after all, he batted away numerous seemingly insurmountable challenges in the 2018 original, reminding us all why he’s one of the world’s top action heroes. In case, you’ve forgotten them, here are his best moments from the original shark thriller to get you in the mood for Meg 2. Go, Jason! *CONTAINS SPOILERS*



1. Coming to the aid of a stricken submarine

In one of the film’s most suspenseful scenes, Jonas and oceanographer Suyin are tasked with diving underwater in submersibles to rescue a team of researchers in a stricken submarine that’s being terrorised by a large unidentified creature. The vessel just so happens to contain Jonas’s ex-wife Lori, and as he locks onto the sub and opens the hatch, he greets her with a cheesy smile and the words: “Tell me this isn’t the world’s best ‘I told you so.’” But things turn more serious as it becomes clear that the sea creature isn’t going to give up its prey without a fight. With the shark closing in, young scientist Toshi makes the ultimate sacrifice, remaining on board the vessel to distract the shark while the others escape. But Jonas’s actions were equally heroic – setting the tone for his other daring feats throughout the film…



2. Escaping the megaladon’s jaws

When Jonas dives into the ocean with the intent of locating the shark and shooting it with a tracker, the water seems eerily still. Not for long, though: within seconds, the emergence of a giant fin a few metres away sets the alarm bells ringing. “I’m in trouble,” deadpans our hero as he begins desperately swimming for safety. With the toothy tearaway closing in on its prey, Jonas grabs a rope hanging from the back of his crew’s boat and spends the next minute or so being towed through the waves at high speed. It looks like a lot of fun, and probably would be if it weren’t for the fact that a massive fish was trying to eat him. Happily, that doesn’t materialise, and just as the meg soars out of the water to close the deal, Jonas manages to leap onto the boat and into the arms of his crewmates. A close shave, even by Jason Statham’s standards.



3. Rescuing Suyin from certain death

In an act of undeniable courage, Suyin volunteers to go underwater in a shark-proof tank and try to shoot the meg with a poisoned dart. Though she succeeds in her mission, the poison is slow acting, giving the shark ample time to have a quick snack before losing consciousness. When it becomes clear that the meg is going to bypass the bite-proof nature of Suyin’s tank by swallowing it whole, the researcher sends out an SOS to her crew. That’s the cue for Jonas to whip off his top (we’re not sure how necessary that bit was), don his wetsuit and dive fearlessly into the water. With Suyin’s oxygen running out, our hero tries frantically to free her from her tank and bring her back to the surface – a task that seems even more challenging when the meg re-appears out of the gloom for another stab at its prey. Thankfully, the poison activates in the nick of time, allowing Jonas to return his friend to safety. Phew!   



4. Putting the shark in its place 

After the meg attacks a crowded beach, Jonas and his team decide that enough is enough. With the rest of the crew waiting on the boat, Jonas and Suyin climb into submersibles and head underwater for a face-to-face with the hungry sea monster. Alas, at this point, a helicopter crashes into the boat, forcing Suyin to rescue his stricken crewmates – which leaves Jonas to battle the shark on his own. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t fancy the human’s chances in such a situation, but this is Jason Statham we’re talking about, and when he utters the words, “I’m going to make this thing bleed,” you fully believe him. What follows is a nail-biting, and somewhat gory, fight to the death between man and monster, of which there can only be one winner. Clue: it’s not the monster.