Recommend a Friend for Cineworld Unlimited and get an additional month added to your membership

The magic of the big screen is always best shared with friends and family. And with a spectacular summer of movies currently unfolding (click here for the latest June releases), Cineworld Unlimited members are spoilt for choice. 

For those who haven't yet signed up, there are lots of exciting perks and savings via an Unlimited membership, not to mention you get access to exciting preview screenings. And do you know about Recommend a Friend?

Recommend a Friend for Cineworld Unlimited and you'll get an additional month added to your own membership as a thank-you. Recommend 12 friends and that means a whole year of Unlimited for free.

The free month will be added automatically to the end of your current subscription (or, if you are new to Unlimited, after your first 12 months of membership).

Find out more in the following fun video where brilliant YouTube comics the Gilbert Twins explore the possibilities of Recommend a Friend.

And the really good news? Your friends that have recently signed up can pay it forward, recommending Unlimited to yet more people and benefiting from additional free months themselves.

Find out more about recommending a friend to Cineworld Unlimited by clicking the link below.