Watch this Mission: Impossible supercut of Tom Cruise running throughout the franchise

If there's one thing Tom Cruise loves to do on screen, it's run. And boy does he run a lot throughout the Mission: Impossible saga. The latest entry in the series, Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, doesn't let the side down with epic sprints across the roof of an Abu Dhabi airport and through the shadowy alleyways of Venice. 

If you've skipped leg day, the following video from distributor Paramount should act as an incentive. It edits together all of Cruise's running sequences from the six prior Mission movies, which date back to 1996, and it also showcases clips from the newest instalment. It's fascinating to note how the running has escalated in intensity and frequency as the movies have gone on – it's all part of the Cruise brand as he blurs the lines between his own daredevil physicality and that of his on-screen character, Ethan Hunt.

Kudos to the person, or persons, who sat down and combed through hours of footage to put the following together. Maybe they should call the next movie Marathon: Impossible?



The time has come to accept your mission. Click the link below to get your tickets for Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One. It hits Cineworld screens on July 10th.