Disney 100 at Cineworld: celebrate the magic with Disney classics on the big screen

Disney is currently celebrating 100 years of moviemaking magic, so how much has the studio imprinted on your filmgoing experiences? While you think about that, we're delighted to be showcasing re-releases of classic Disney pictures throughout August and September, so if you've never seen the following movies on the big screen, now's the time to make amends.


1. Bambi (on release now)

Bring a box of tissues to this re-issue of the 1942 Disney weepie, which contains one of the most memorably devastating scenes in the animated canon. From Barbi's mother to the climactic forest fire, this remains one of the boldest adventure stories from the Mouse House, one that shaped the moviegoing resilience of an entire generation.


2. Cinderella (released August 25th)

This quintessential Disney fairy tale cemented many of the studio's most famous images, from the pumpkin carriage to the mice sidekicks. Originally released in 1950, Cinderella restored Disney's fortunes and became its biggest hit since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves back in 1937.


3. Peter Pan (released September 1st)

You'll believe a boy can fly in Disney's soaring adaptation of the classic J.M. Barrie story. It also marked the last Disney film in which all nine members of Disney's Nine Old Men, defined as the studio's core animators, worked together. They were Milt Kahl, Marc Davis, Frank Thomas, Eric Larson, Ollie Johnston, Wolfgang Reitherman, Les Clark, Ward Kimball, and John Lounsbery.


Stay tuned for details of more Disney 100 movies coming to Cineworld over the next couple of months. Watch them all with a Cineworld Unlimited membership – it pays for itself in just two visits per month and comes with an exciting array of benefits including preview screenings and discounts.